Maintenance Plans

Options for ongoing work, growth, maintenance of projects, and supporting contractor & client relations

10 Hour Retainer

+ overages

Automatically payment each month for 1-to-10 hours of on-call service. Overages invoiced separately.

Good for multiple sites or projects. Any type of work (consultation, design, desktop publishing/layout, website, video) is acceptable. Projected growth, scheduled budget.

  • Hours do not roll-over if unused
  • On-call service
  • Any work or projects which exceed 10 hrs are additional scope, billable per hour
  • 24-to-72 hour turnaround for delivery

On Demand, per Request

Hourly Rate
Twice monthly invoice, 1st/15th

Each request (per day) is treated as a individual service call.

Good for busy clients, unpredictable schedules, liberal budgets.

  • 24/7 daily on-call (no holiday service)
  • Per request, billed hourly
  • 24-to-72 hour turnaround for delivery targeted

Scheduled Maintenance

Hourly Rate
Twice monthly invoice, 1st/15th

Regularly scheduled meetings to chart growth, updates, adds. 

Gives mutual consideration for individual time & workload management. Projected growth and budgeting.

  • Any and all changes are charted for regularly scheduled work meetings (phone)
  • Schedule options:
    – Every 2 weeks
    – Once monthly
    – Quarterly
  • 2-to-5 day turnaround for delivery